Te Rangi Hiroa Reserve


Sub Regional Equine Centre

Last year the Council considered a change of use of the pony clubs reserve paddock as part of the development of the Te Rangi Hiroa and Birdwood Winery Estate Reserve.

The council was provided with enough feedback from the equine community to reconsider these changes and endorse the possibility of a Sub-Regional Equine Facility at Massey Pony Club.

Massey Pony Club applied to the Local Board Facility Partnership Fund and received funding for $10,000 to complete a Feasibility Study to develop a Sub Regional Equine Centre at the Te Rangi Hiroa Reserve.

A committee is currently being convened to progress this work which needs to consult all pony clubs within the West Auckland and Rodney area.

At a recent meeting, the committee has agreed to open discussions with Riding for the Disabled. This was also discussed at the AGM.


The update

Waitakere City Council (old) recognised the need for equestrian sports facilities in the management plan for the Te Rangi Hiroa/Birdwood reserves 2002. At that time they also recognised that Pony Club only represented a small sector of the wider equestrian community, and that pressure on land would squeeze equestrian out to the edges of the city.

The Te Rangi Hiroa/Birdwood reserves were planned to be set aside as what was then called a 'city wide' and even 'regional' equestrian park which still included Massey Pony Club as part of it. Fast forward 10 years, Auckland Council now uses the term 'sub-regional' for sports facilities that service a catchment area larger than the Local Board area, but not for the entire region (Pukekohe to Te Hana).

Massey-Henderson Local Board is supporting the development of a sub-regional equestrian centre on Te Rangi Hiroa-Birdwood reserves. This support includes providing a grant for a feasibility study to kick-start the project.

In July clubs and organisations were invited to be stakeholders in the Admin Committee for this project. We have now held the first meeting of all who replied, and begun to draw up the scope of work for the Feasibility study.


Below is a downloadable document that we would love you to complete and fill out with your opinions and wishes for the future of this reserve.

Te Rangi Hiroa Equestrian Centre Submissions Form!

Rfp Massey Feasibility Study Information